Get Out!

By Pastor Paul Okhuoya


There comes a time in everyone’s life that a commandment is necessary to access their destiny. There are some destinies that can not be reached by suggestive words; not just because there is often a laziness barrier that needs to be overcome but also because there are some forces that enforce an unwillingness to progress that only answer to a commanding voice.

In Genesis 12, God was not suggesting to Abraham a greater destiny but commanding him to enter it. Get out! Get out of your fathers house, out of your country, out of your kindred i.e. there are places that are beyond what your father’s name can take take; there are places beyond our nationality; there are places beyond who you know. God has a destiny that exceeds all of this but you have to be commanded into it. You may be one of those that like comforting words and words that give room for excuses and sub-par self-opinions; well, God has sent me to you to command you out of that limited zone!

More profound in this discourse is that God commanded Abraham into what He would show him; not what He would give him. There must be a willingness to leave ‘what is’ for ‘what could be’; this is the place of real faith. Until we are ready to let go of what we have for what we are yet to have and often time beyond our current grasp, we would be well acquainted with mediocrity. We must reach beyond our grasp for what God has in store for us. God promises to give you a vision of what you can become and leaves the pursuit of it to your discretion.

Many are struggling with inherited name and endowment whereas God has more for them than they could ever trace to their family name and friend circles – it’s time to get out! With every command from God is the grace to become what the word describes. Receive that grace to see clearly what God has in store for you; not just see it but also become it!

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