MC Kids Ministry


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Pastor Natasha Okhuoya

Pastor Natasha Okhuoya

MC KIDS Ministry

The Mighty Clovers Kids Ministry

Every week we take our children on an adventurous trip to discover Jesus and we teach them how they can build a strong and fun relationship with God.

We believe that educating our children on the Word and Ways of God, will help them grow into the leaders God expects them to be in their homes and communities. Our ministry is more than just a Sunday to Sunday meeting. It is the beginning of a lifelong experience.

What we teach our kids?

At Cloverleaf Christian Centre we teach the Gospel as Jesus himself preached it. Teaching about the love of God and how this Love is continually shaping our world. This teaching is extended to our MC kids groups but we go even further, its our belief that Jesus didn’t come only to teach us about himself and how to get to heaven but also how to live a Christ-like life.

This means We teach our children to be relevant and excellent in their communities, We teach our children to rise up to the challenges that the world throws at them knowing that Jesus always goes ahead to perfect whatever they do. We teach our children to embrace learning and to be teachers themselves. And above all, We teach our children to LOVE.

Join us every Sunday for an exciting fun, learn Sunday School.


Discover Jesus in us

We believe that the bible is more than just exciting fun stories but also a guide for our little ones to discover themselves and how they fit into God’s amazing Story.


Tools for doing more

Jesus sent his spirit to us to give us what we needed to navigate the difficult moments in our lives. MC Kids aims to empower our children by teaching them to reach out to God so He can use them in their homes, schools and communities.


We are all God’s Friends

We know that no two people are alike but the amazing thing about the Love we share at MC Kids is that it transcends race, space, place or creed. We are a family open to discovering whom we all are together.