Be More

To know that life can be worse than death if lived without meaning is enough to provoke your being into real significance.

There are too many mediocres in the world today fixated on the increasing few making a difference in the world today. There are more people who have died than those who have lived and even more walking dead on the streets of today’s world and until you make a decision to be more than you are today, you too will die young and be buried old – a waste of life. You are not given life to merely exist; there was a need that necessitated your arrival.

An old writer said “you were not born out of human will or desire but out of a divine plan[i]” which simply means that where you were born often has no bearing on why you were born, where you are going or what you carry; even the great Jesus was born in a goat house. Your current predicament is no excuse for the absent pursuit of your great future neither does the disposition of your parents define your capacity or potentials; they were – in all honour and respect – participators in a divine plan.

At the beginning of the world, as Adam and Eve sat on the edge of time and conversed with God, they heard a great command that you would do well to remember today. God said to them “multiply[ii]” which simply means to “be more”!! We can never fulfill the purpose of God remaining in a state of status quo or satisfied with the state of affairs.

We are called to be more, we are challenged to be more, and the problems we face at individual, family, community, nation and global levels are not obstacles but opportunities to be more. The juice in the orange will never be known if the orange wasn’t challenged to be more than a ball of fruit – be more!!

Jesus can make you more.



[i] John 1:13 (The Holy Bible)

[ii] Genesis 1:28 (The Holy Bible)

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