Everyone is extraordinary by design but very few become extraordinary in their life experience. Those that make an extraordinary spectacle of their lives are those that make extraordinary inputs into their lives. It is almost impossible to become what you do not first conceive as possible in your mind. The Word of God says that as a man thinks in his heart, so he is [Proverbs 23:7]; so we see that mediocre thoughts lead to mediocre beings. You are the way you see yourself and you must see yourself as special in every way.

I have often said that no matter how broken your past might be, you must be bold enough in your mind to conceive a great future in your mind about yourself. No matter how cracked the mirror is, you must be bold enough to see yourself in it – specially crafted by God to be a great blessing to your generation. It is as simple as that! You can not afford to be lazy in your mind – that’s probably the worst kind of laziness.

Moses was making excuses for his short-comings when God gave him a leadership seat as a deliverer of his people from 400 years of slavery. He almost excused himself from his special destiny until God challenged him to “see”. The Word of God said “See, i have made thee a god unto Pharaoh” [Exodus 7:1] and we know that the rest is history. When he saw, he became. I mean he walked into the enemies camp with a stick and a vision and with those two he made great exploits and an extraordinary spectacle of his life.

Friend, you might have a valid argument about your low esteem and poor life performance thus far but i challenge you to see yourself as a god to every challenge you might have. The Word of God said that those that receive the word of God become ‘gods’ [John 10:34]. You are not a wimp with nothing useful; you are a master of your domain. Your stick is not just for sheep, your stick is for great wonders; it is for an extraordinary experience with God as you walk this earth.

You might have began your life as a pauper and a weakling but you don’t have to end that way; look, see – you are made for signs and wonders; crafted by God for an extra-ordinary experience!

Glory to God!

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