Sex Control

By Pastor Paul Okhuoya

Jesus challenges His followers that mere abstinence from the act of sex (out of context/design i.e. adultery & fornication) is too low a standard to set for those serious about leading lives as His disciples. He teaches that a ‘lustful mind’ was at par with regards to these acts. How do we then (in a world besought with sexualised data) evade lustful thinking?

What build-up does masturbation release? What excuse does the priest have for the abused boy other than a mind out of control? Jesus taught that the key was that of desire; He said “Whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her…is guilty of adultery”. How can i look upon a woman without that desire to ‘have’ her? Adam said there are two ways to look at a woman; as flesh (on the physical plane) or as bone (beyond the physical plane). The fact that he ‘knew’ his wife after the flesh right after they fell suggests that as an inferior way to look at a woman. Jesus once took a man out of the city to fix how he saw people; it required a second touch from Jesus because though saved, some need their mindset/desire-set fixed by a second touch!

A visit out of the city; a break from the wrong data feeds; a retreat with Jesus to work within you a will and a doing of right desires is worth an explore. Joshua was instructed to meditate on God’s thoughts because desires follow what you pay attention to and not the other way round. Get a grip on your mind and its desires! See women right, see men right, see people right!


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