iWorship 2021

Welcome to our annual event iWorship held for the first time virtually.

In a world where it is so easy to be consumed with ‘I’, the iWorship event is purposed to bring our focus back to God, the source of our very being. It’s all about true worshippers, through various creative forms, coming together to lead people into the presence of God.

The theme this year is ‘Arise & Build’ based on the scripture 1 Chronicles 22:17-19. Its about building a dwelling place for the presence of God, which is not a physical building, but us, His children, as individuals and the body of Christ.

We hope that you have a wonderful & transformational time in God’s presence.

Feel free to contact us on:

Email | ccc@cloverleafworld.org
Facebook | Cloverleaf Christian Centre
Insta | @Cloverleafworld
Website | www.cloverleafworld.org

To join Moriah Arts Hub:

Insta | @moriah_arts

To follow the ministers on Instagram/YouTube:

Tayo Odekunle (@tayodekunle)
Emmanuella Obeya (@gabbynnu)
King’s Church Manchester (@kingschurchuk)
Seun Ayelodieni (@seun_db)
FaithChild (@FaithChild)
Fiona Ola (@Fiona_Ola)
Vanessa Boehm (@vanessa_o_boehm)
Costel Mocanu (On YouTube – Studio Valentin Mocanu)
Seun Adelanwa (@seunadelanwa)
Pastor Tayo Ajibolade (@ty_ajibee)
Pastor Angela Ifolaja (@angelaifonlaja)


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