Experience Christ
Welcome to Cloverleaf Christian Centre

At Cloverleaf Christian Centre, We believe that Jesus Christ is the only foundation We need to build a true community family that is bound in Love. We aim to bring positive impact to our immediate communities in Leeds and Far beyond.


A word from Pastors Paul & Natasha

One of the most profound things we have learned about human life is that there is more to life than what we currently see. As we look at the Bible in Romans 12 Paul says, We should present our bodies as living sacrifices and we should renew our minds. This shows us that if we are told to present our bodies then we are not necessarily our bodies and if we are told to present or renew our minds then we are not our minds.

Cloverleaf Christian Centre is eternally committed to sharing the Good news and sharing the word of God; In the Physical by encouraging healthy living, In the intellectual by promoting education of all types and at diverse levels, the spiritual by sharing the word of God and encouraging a fruitful relationship with God through Jesus Christ and Socially by engaging our immediate communities to understand the needs and creating a space for collaboration and innovation.

We welcome you to be part of this great experience.